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What's SO Exciting About Our Gourmet Candles?

Our gourmet candles were created by a master candle maker who wanted to produce a healthy alernative that doesn't produce irritating black soot in our homes, and a gourmet candle that smells so delicious you'll think someone is baking a mouth-watering hot apple pie, or blueberry muffins, right in your kitchen.

After years of testing, our company has created a blend of natural wax ingredients, comprised of palm, vegetables and other natural renewable resources. Our candles are highly scented with fragrance that's amazingly realistic. They also perform so well it puts us way above our competition.

Everyone who tries our candles teslls us that we offer the finest candle available... anywhere!

The timing is perfect for you to make money with
alternative wax candles NOW and here is why...

Natural wax candles are cleaner burning with virtually no sooty residue, and have a low melting point, which means they burn cooler. This allows their long lasting scents to quickly fill an area with wonderful aroma!  

 Discover some of the benefits of our gourmet candles:

  • Virtually soot-free! (no more black jars, walls, & curtains!)
  • Alternative for people with allergies to paraffin candles
  • Triple-scented with incredibly realistic scents! 
  • Candle burns evenly all the way down to the bottom!
  • Double-wicked with all natural cotton wicks (NO lead!)
  • Burns up to 50% longer than "average" candles 
  • Spilled wax can be cleaned up simply with soap & water 

Gourmet Alternative Wax Candles:

  • 9oz, 16oz, 26oz jar candles and 2.5oz votives.
  • Incredible smelling Cinnamon Buncandles
  • Bakery pie candles in apple, cherry, chocolate, key lime, pumpkin and strawberry cream. they look and smell like the real thing.
  • Gourmet scented wax melts for tart warmer and simmer pots
  • Simmer pots for scented wax melts, offer a flameless alternative!
  • Seasonal, Holiday and Special Occassion series designer jar candles

Gourmet Bath, Body and Home Fragrance Products

  • Gourmet cleansing bars, a soy bassed alternative
  • Hand and Foot balm made with essential oils and botanical extracts
  • Signature Scent foaming hand wash
  • Long-lasting, highly-scented air freshners for the home, car or office

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It was through my own search for a better-performing, eco-friendly scented candle, that I came upon this cutting-edge candle company and discovered my alternative to paraffin candles! 

Of course, I immediately fell in love with the company's family-oriented spirit and their passion to create THE best-performing, natural wax candle on the market today!  These are some of the reasons I decided to join the team & build a candle business of my own.  I knew these were products that I would be proud to offer to everyone

I'm convinced that once you try one of our delicious candles you'll never go back to paraffin!


 **You've got nothing to lose. There is a 100% money back guarantee if you are not
completely satisfied with the performance and quality of our candles.**

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