Gourmet Candles & AromaTherapy Product Line
Light a Candle and Transform Your Mood!



Discover for yourself why our customers are so excited  about our delicious scented candles!

Nationwide people are telling us that our candles  are THE best-performing candles they have ever tried!

Our candles offer rich, true fragrances and colors that last from initial light to final flame!

Our "Hot Apple Pie" jar candle smells so real you'll want to reach for a spoon instead of a match!




Our Sensational Line of Gourmet Candles Includes:

Our votives are a generous 2.5 ounces and burn an incredible 15-20 hours!  One votive can fill your whole home with amazing aroma!

 16oz. Jar Candles
Our Jar Candles are just incredible!  They smell so real, so delicious,  you'll want to eat them!  With two cotton wicks (lead free!), they burn evenly all the way down to the bottom.  Best of all, they burn clean and leave no sooty mess around the inside of the jar!  Long-lasting ~ they burn up to 120 hours!  It will be love at first light!

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Specialty Candles ~~ Excellent for Gift-Giving!

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Cinnamon Bun Candles
Your friends will think you spent all day baking!  These look so much like real cinnamon buns you will be tempted to lick off the icing!  A wonderful choice for house-warming & Christmas gift-giving! 

Realtors, our Cinnamon Buns are just what you're looking for to make those Open Houses a sweet-smelling success!

 See them for yourself!         Bella Buns






Extraordinary Melts & Simmer Pot  Scent Simmer
One of our best-selling products; these are scent POWERHOUSES!However, they not only smell remarkable, they are flameless!  

Great alternative for those who are on oxygen and for locations where a flame is not appropriate such as doctor's offices & beauty salons!

Proprietary soy-veg wax blend makes for easy soap & water clean up.
Offered in packets of 8 & desiged to melt in our Simmer Pot. 

   View our melts here.




We offer over 100 unique aromas for your smelling pleasure!


AromaTherapy Body Bars

Very different and vastly superior to ordinary "soap"... these body bars are so amazing they have to be experienced!  So rich, many are reaching for our soy bars in place of their usual shampoo & shave creams. 

With skin-loving ingredients such as Glycerin, Soy Proteins, & Grape Seed Oil, these fantastic Soy Body Bars have a luxuriously creamy lather and are offered in 6 heavenly scents:

Sweet Orange & Chili Pepper
Juniper Breeze
Mystical Melon
Slate & Stone

Bamboo & Water Mint

Japanese Pear

You won't want your shower to end!

Learn more about the healthy benefits of our body bars & read testimonies from others who say they'll NEVER go back to soap!

Learn more about this exciting candle business you can start today for under $50!




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