Coaching & Support
When You Choose To Become a Partner in Our Growing Team, You Have My Commitment to Your Success in Your Home Candle Business!



I want you to experience immediate 
success with your home candle business!

You will be provided with comprehensive training materials and consistent coaching that will assist you in identifying and achieving your goals.  Immediately after starting your business, by becoming a Candle of the Month Club member, you will receive your "RoadMap to Success" training materials. 

Your "Roadmap to Success" is packed full of proven business building systems and will lead you step-by-step in getting your home business off to the right start! 

Topics Covered in Your "RoadMap to Success":

  • Your Personal Business Plan
  • Road Map Checklist
  • Getting Started – Good Way, Better Way, Best Way
  • Success By Design – 8 Steps to Success
  • Developing Your "Why?"
  • Monthly Income Targets
  • Weekly Contract with Yourself
  • Weekly Planner
  • Your List
  • Your Partnership Agreement
  • Ways to Make Money
  • Fundraiser Overview
  • Door Hangers
  • Recruiting Techniques
  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • Successful Home Parties
  • Why Natural Candles
  • Why our Gourmet Candles
  • Your Business Building System
  • Advertising Samples & Scripts
  • and more!


You will also be granted access to our company's "back office" where you will find quality resources for every aspect of building your business successfully:

  • exclusive team-sponsored training materials
  • online support groups
  • discussion boards & training forums
  • track online retail sales
  • track your team volume
  • track your commission checks
  • weekly coaching calls
  • recorded training calls on all aspects of building your candle business, and a lot more!


 Get started right now!


 You have my commitment that I will
be there with you every step
of the way on your journey to SUCCESS in
your gourmet home candle business!



Why not you & why not now?
What's holding you back from living the life
other people only dream about?

If there is anyway I can assist you,
please do not hesitate to contact me.
If you partner with me, I will make your success my priority.
That's a promise!



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